Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hi Everyone,

This is my second term with WGU and I decided to tackle the math requirements for my degree in business management. QLC1 and QLT1 are the required courses, and I can tell you that they have proved very challenging!

I took on QLT1 first which has five Taskstream tasks and one summative task. The first four tasks are straight forward and deal with graphing equations. The 5th task is a isosceles triangle proof that took me 2 weeks and 5 submissions to get a passing score! I was beside myself trying to pass the last task. I actually passed the summative task on the first try before I passed task 5. The funny thing was that once I passed the summative task my AAP showed the class as being passed even though I hadn't finished the 5 task on the triangle. A quick check with my mentor confirmed that I needed to complete task 5. So a word to the wise on this one: make sure you complete ALL tasks.

Once I finished QLT1 I took a deep breath and the pre-assessment for QLC1. To my surprise I passed the pre-assessment 16 points above the cut score of 53%. The questions seemed very common sense and dealt with real world problems so I scheduled the assessment. I ended up scoring 71% on the objective assessment. Not bad for the guy who was scared of math!

All I can say is remember your high school and college math - if you have any college math - and you will be fine with QLC1. As for QLT1, if you don't have geometry experience, good luck with task 5.

Cheers! Mike


  1. Perhaps I should not admit it, but the answer to task 5 is readily available on the internet. I did a google search for the particular proof they wanted, and found several good sample proofs that I only had to put into my own words and adjust angle/side names.

    I found the first proctored test difficult, but not as difficult as I thought. I did not have to memorize as many formulas as I expected. The second proctored test was a joke, and I wish I had not bothered to waste time memorizing anything! Lesson learned: take the pre-test before studying.

  2. I just transferred to WGU and my first class is INT1. Your blog is helpful so far, but do you have any other advice for a new student?


  3. So what if you don'y have college math. I can not wrap my head around this QLC1..HELP!!!!

  4. What in QLC1 are you having trouble with?


  5. QLT1 Task 4 is impossible. I've proven this silly triangle is an isosceles with 2 givens and 3 proofs. I still can't get the taskstream reviewer to accept my conclusions. Can anyone help me?



  6. Mike,
    How much trig is on the test and graphing. Having the most trouble with these.