Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Transfer Credit

For those of you thinking about enrolling at WGU I thought I would share with you my experience gaining transfer credit.

I had accumulated 103.5 quarter hours of credit with Strayer University by the time I decided to enroll at WGU.  The Strayer program I was enrolled in required 180 quarter hours to complete, but Strayer just wasn't working out for me.  I work full time for the Federal Government and the Strayer program was taking too much time away from my family.  Even taking classes online with Strayer was a hassle for me.

With 103.5 credit I thought that I would do very well transferring into WGU.  However, when I got my transfer evaluation back I found that I only transferred in eight classes: HVT1, SSC1, QMC1, LUT1, LAT1, LAE1, & LAC1.

Needless to say I quickly called my enrollment counselor to find out why I didn't get more transfer credit!  Once I got a hold of her she explained to me that, although I had taken classes that covered several parts of WGU's domains of study, these classes did not meet all of the requirements for the domains.

This is because WGU clusters topics into their domains of study.  For example, one of the domains of study that I had partially completed was accounting/finance and information technology.  I had the accounting and finance work complete, but not the information technology.  Therefore, I received not credit for that domain of study.

Despite this setback I forged ahead and started my first term with WGU.  Once I got started  I discovered that, even if you do not received transfer credit for a particular class, you can still leverage the knowledge gained in that class to quickly show your competency.  In fact, since September 1, 2009 I have already completed: EWOB Education Without Boundaries (more on this in a later post), LIT1 Legal Issues for Business Organizations, EST1 Ethical Situations in Business, and MGC1 Principles of Management.

I am currently enrolled in LWC1 Fundamentals of Business Law and Ethics, and ORC1 Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior and Leadership.  I plan to take the objective assessments (more on this topic later as well) for these classes this month. Once completed I will have accumulated 21 competency credits in just 3 months.  I like it!


  1. It is too bad WGU discontinued the B.S in Finance. By the way this discipline is ultra rigorous--it is an extremely challenging program which has been deemed by many finance mentors to be equivalent to a Masters in a bricks and mortar facility. This program is absolutely no joke. As a FT graduate I am managed to complete 71 CU's in my less than a full term by selecting to take all the objetive exams first. Since the grades are issued almost always the same day or the following day, one is allowed to progress rather quickly. What a great University!

  2. Taking all of the objective exams first sounds like a great approach! I've been taking a mix of objective exams and performance assessments. Thanks for sharing this tip!

  3. That is it for me! Passed my last taskstream sub and have earned a B.S in Finance. Law school begins on June 1 2010. On Sep 1 2010, I will start a B.S in H.R Mgmt (nice and easy approach) take my time and study at home on weekends [but for the entire weekend]. Yes I do have a supportive family.
    Since I am required to take only 4 courses (one being EWB2), I can surely complete them by March 2011. Without WGU I would not have been able to apply and be accepted into law school.

  4. What Law School did you apply to and attend?